Habanero Greeting

What kind of gestures would we develop? — There are several ways in which Colombians approach people. With certain closeness, respect or distance, shaking hands or fist bumping. Since Post Conflict Times we look for narrative ways of interacting with people via gestuality.

Would we have new ways for greeting? Or would we have new gestures for sealing agreements? In the coming time we develop new forms of approaching people. One greeting that emerges representing two brothers distancing themselves from each other, their collision with fists and then a new approach in unusual ways that compromises both sides with discomfort and end up provoking a ‘click’ that resonates.

Post Conflict Colombia is a time to start with a ‘click’.

Brothers distancing themselves
Colliding with fists
Approaching again in an unusual manner
That requires compromises from both sides that can bring discomfort and pain
Getting together and provoking a ‘click´ that resonates.

A Resonating Click