Like Water for Chocolate

How would our iconic objects look like? — Our utensils, tools and objects from the everyday life could experience transformations that repurpose them or trigger new dynamics and activities.

Like Water for Chocolate. Colombians are very emotional and passionate, something that makes quite often difficult to talk about political topics where everything seems to be Black or White, Yes or No, Capitalist Pig or Castro-Chavista Communist.

We possess an iconic Aluminium Pitcher commonly used for preparing hot chocolate or aguapanela (sugar cane tea) with lemon. This typical beverage for Las Onces, Medias Nueves or El Algo, (all of them referring to tea time); are prepared with a special aluminium pitcher for Post Conflict Times. A pitcher with more handles than usual: one for each actor of the Colombian Conflict. Thus making more relevant the idea of Las Cuentas Claras y el Chocolate Espeso (Clear accounting and thick chocolate, meaning getting things straight): We share and solve our differences on the table with hot chocolate and melting cheese inside the cup.

We all belong to the same country, we share hot chocolate, discuss Post Conflict Topics and are confronting the coming time together.
What would happen to other very own objects?

What would happen to our coffee cups, colorful candles, tableware and carpets, and the Rimax chair?

What is the Remix of the Rimax?

Where would our Rey (King) soap end?

Las Cuentas Claras y el Chocolate Espeso